Ludovic Barman

Ludovic Barman
Security enthusiast / Software engineer

Hi, I'm Ludovic.

I am a 2nd-year PhD student at the EPFL, working on the topics of Privacy and Security with Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Prof. Bryan Ford. I have a strong interest in security and cryptography; I love to code, design solutions, and ultimately I am a technology enthusiast, curious about everything.

Feel free to drop me a line ! (even better : encrypt it beforehand). Both French and English are fine.

Public key : 720F 1E8F 1AD4 0505 ABFB 625C 5713 53C5 E0FB 9061 (View my profile)

Last update : 30.12.2016


Experience / Resume

Technologies & frameworks

Desktop : Go, Scala, Java; Notions in : Spark, Matlab, C, C#, Objective C

Web : HTML/SASS, Javascript/JQuery/AngularJS, PHP5 with CakePHP, SQL

OS's : Windows, Ubuntu; now a convinced user of Fedora


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